Environmental policy

SFB Polska Sp. z .o.o. assembles components for the automotive industry.

To meet the expectations of our Clients, SFB Polska Sp. z o.o. has implemented, maintained, and improved the Environmental Management System conforming to the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 14001 standard.

With the aim of improving effectiveness of the Environmental Management System, as well as taking into account specificity of the company business, we decided to try to minimise negative environmental impact; therefore we undertake that:

  • We will follow the current legal regulations on environmental protection
  • Our employees will adhere to the valid environmental protection regulations and principles
  • We will continuously increase environmental awareness and competence of our staff taking into account their aptitudes, skills, education through training schemes on the implemented environmental system
  • We will prevent environmental pollution by continuous monitoring of crucial environmental aspects, identification and elimination of environmental threats, putting the procedures and instructions of the environment management system into practice
  • We will conscientiously inform our employees about the company objectives, technological and organisational progress, impact of their actions on the natural environment as well as undertakings and successes in this regard to encourage them to keep working on the environment management system