About Us

SFB Polska is a reliable partner in rendering such services as:

  • assembly outsourcing and its optimisation
  • process management in line with lean management principles
  • warehouse management
  • project management
  • project-related administrative and accounting services
  • launching a full production line along with full servicing and product traceability system

We offer:

  • assembly: manual, mechanical, pneumatic and semi-pneumatic
  • assembly on our own and third party's lines
  • procurement of components and management of suppliers
  • management of warehouse resources
  • product quality control
  • logistic processes
  • deliveries to end customers and owners of assembly lines
  • comprehensive implementation of new projects at Client's request

Key benefits of cooperation with SFB Polska:

  • best prices of assembly outsourcing in the area of Western Europe
  • availability of large assembly, production, and warehouse areas
  • top quality services conforming to the requirements of ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001
  • performance of all processes (assembly, logistics, administration) in line with lean management principles

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