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3aOutsourcing of assembly processes:

  • Transfer of client's assembly lines and know-how to our plant
  • Careful verification of transferred processes and creation of process documentation from scratch

For each line we offer full documentation in the language selected by the client. To carry out projects we establish in-company ProcessFlow, PFMEA, Controlplan.
With our unique methods clients only coordinate the work of assembly line transfer. Clients may remain owners of the transferred assembly lines or propose other solutions.

Cooperation rules

  • Transparent calculations
  • Cost reductions
  • Transparency
  • Safety and confidentiality of information

Principle of client data safety
In a confidential conversation with the client we determine what information and documents can be shared with a third party. Technology, ideas and know-how are protected and remain the client's property.

In addition to assembly, we offer other types of cooperation in the area of treatment:

  • cutting, milling, turning, drilling, machining, grinding
  • welding, fusion welding, metal sheet cutting,
  • thermal, galvanic, painting, etc.

Due to the coordination of processes our clients can be sure that they receive finished goods from one source and of the highest quality.

Feel free to send us inquiries even if they do not refer to assembly services. We'll show you how much time and money can be saved when you decide to work with us.